Alan Charles Dell'Ario

2019 California Lawyer "Attorney of the Year"

"THE 2019 CALIFORNIA LAWYER ATTORNEYS OF THE YEAR honor attorneys who used their considerable talents to protect, preserve and defend not only their clients but some of the world’s most precious resources and ideals." 

"The Daily Journal Corp. considered civil and criminal matters along with corporate transactions that made impacts in 2018.  Most were impressive but the 20 matters we selected were exceptional.

. . .

In every instance, these lawyers exemplify the impacts that result from superior legal skills.

These matters and all of the others featured in this issue had far-reaching impacts in law, business and society.  We highlight and salute the winners’ work."

The Daily Journal selected my work in Regents of U.C. v. Superior Court (Rosen) 4 Cal.5th 607 and 29 Cal.App.5th 890 which established the duty of all California colleges and universities to use reasonable care to protect students from foreseeable violence in curricular activities.  These decisions affect all 3.5 million college students and their families.

The Daily Journal editors also hailed the Supreme Court victory as one of the Top Five Appellate Reversals for 2018.  It was the only victory for a plaintiff.