Alan Charles Dell'Ario

About Me

An early mentor told me that when I went to court, I needed to know more about the case than anyone else in the world.  After 49 years of practice, I still aspire to that standard of preparedness.  This means that neither the court nor the other side will know the case better than I will when I stand up for you before the justices.  

For over 30 years I practiced in downtown Oakland.  Since 2011, I have called Napa home but my practice takes me all over California, appearing in each of the eight California Courts of Appeal, the Supreme Court and the federal Ninth Circuit.  

When I'm away from my practice, I'm not far from the law, coaching one of the local high school's mock trial team. We've been Napa County champions nine years running and have steadily improved at the state competition.

I do find time to cook almost every day, preparing the kind of meals that won first prize in the Gilroy Garlic Festival's cooking contest and Oakland Tribune's recipe contest.  Of course, there's my garden to supply the herbs and vegetables.

Also there's a piano to play and golf balls to be struck, but none of these things gets in the way when I'm crafting the best possible arguments and briefs for your case.